Dnyanada Training Academy

The purpose of “ Dnyanada Training Centre ” is to assist the students fill up the gap between the completion of learning stage. This is not only a chance for providing good stage but make everyone to facilitate themselves for self learning.

Distance Education is a generic term that includes the range of teaching learning strategies variously described as home study, correspondence education or independent study. It is a highly welcome step in the direction of taking Education to the doors of those willing to acquire higher education but unable to do so due to lack of resources or paucity of time.

We are the stepping stone who guide and promote such students to fulfill their requirement. Dnyanada is a forum for the students who have a great hunger of knowledge.

Courses under Dnyanada

  • M.A (Education)
  • DSM (Diploma in School Education)
  • Teaching training Course
  • Sanskar Varg

Objectives of Dnyanada

To provide an open forum for students through distance education in learning.

1. To make the student to cop-up with the main stream of educational era.

2. To boost the student to upgrade their content knowledge through such a convenient stage of learning.

3. To motivate the students to know the advanced learning strategies.

4. To promote the ability of self learning.

5. To convert the mind states of students for better upliftment of society.

6. To facilitate the needs and requirements of the students for their knowledge.

7. To fill up the gap between deprived sections of the society and Higher education.